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ExternRefSymbol Class Reference

A function Symbol referring to an external location. More...

#include <database.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 ExternRefSymbol (Scope *sc, const Address &ref, const string &nm)
 Construct given a placeholder address. More...
 ExternRefSymbol (Scope *sc)
 For use with restoreXml.
const AddressgetRefAddr (void) const
 Return the placeholder address.
virtual void saveXml (ostream &s) const
 Save this Symbol to an XML stream. More...
virtual void restoreXml (const Element *el)
 Restore this Symbol from an XML stream. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Symbol
 Symbol (Scope *sc, const string &nm, Datatype *ct)
 Construct given a name and data-type.
 Symbol (Scope *sc)
 Construct for use with restoreXml()
const string & getName (void) const
 Get the local name of the symbol.
DatatypegetType (void) const
 Get the data-type.
uint4 getId (void) const
 Get a unique id for the symbol.
uint4 getFlags (void) const
 Get the boolean properties of the Symbol.
uint4 getDisplayFormat (void) const
 Get the format to display the Symbol in.
int2 getCategory (void) const
 Get the Symbol category.
uint2 getCategoryIndex (void) const
 Get the position of the Symbol within its category.
bool isTypeLocked (void) const
 Is the Symbol type-locked.
bool isNameLocked (void) const
 Is the Symbol name-locked.
bool isSizeTypeLocked (void) const
 Is the Symbol size type-locked.
bool isIndirectStorage (void) const
 Is storage really a pointer to the true Symbol.
bool isHiddenReturn (void) const
 Is this a reference to the function return value.
bool isNameUndefined (void) const
 Does this have an undefined name. More...
ScopegetScope (void) const
 Get the scope owning this Symbol.
SymbolEntrygetFirstWholeMap (void) const
 Get the first entire mapping of the symbol. More...
SymbolEntrygetMapEntry (const Address &addr) const
 Get first mapping of the symbol that contains the given Address. More...
void saveXmlHeader (ostream &s) const
 Save basic Symbol properties as XML attributes. More...
void restoreXmlHeader (const Element *el)
 Restore basic Symbol properties from XML. More...
void saveXmlBody (ostream &s) const
 Save details of the Symbol to XML. More...
void restoreXmlBody (List::const_iterator iter)
 Restore details of the Symbol from XML. More...

Private Member Functions

void buildNameType (void)
 Create a name and data-type for the Symbol. More...

Private Attributes

Address refaddr
 The placeholder address for meta-data.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Symbol
enum  {
  force_hex = 1, force_dec = 2, force_oct = 3, force_bin = 4,
  force_char = 5, size_typelock = 8
 Possible display (dispflag) properties for a Symbol. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Symbol
virtual ~Symbol (void)
void setDisplayFormat (uint4 val)
 Set the display format for this Symbol. More...
void checkSizeTypeLock (void)
 Calculate if size_typelock property is on. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Symbol
 The scope that owns this symbol.
string name
 The local name of the symbol.
uint4 nameDedup
 id to distinguish symbols with the same name
 The symbol's data-type.
uint4 flags
 Varnode-like properties of the symbol.
uint4 dispflags
 Flags affecting the display of this symbol.
int2 category
 Special category (-1==none 0=parameter 1=equate)
uint2 catindex
 Index within category.
vector< list< SymbolEntry >::iterator > mapentry
 List of storage locations labeled with this Symbol.

Detailed Description

A function Symbol referring to an external location.

This Symbol is intended to label functions that have not been mapped directly into the image being analyzed. It holds a level of indirection between the address the image expects the symbol to be at and a placeholder address the system hangs meta-data on.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ExternRefSymbol()

ExternRefSymbol::ExternRefSymbol ( Scope sc,
const Address ref,
const string &  nm 

Construct given a placeholder address.

scis the Scope containing the Symbol
refis the placeholder address where the system will hold meta-data
nmis the name of the Symbol

References buildNameType(), and refaddr.

Member Function Documentation

◆ buildNameType()

void ExternRefSymbol::buildNameType ( void  )

◆ restoreXml()

void ExternRefSymbol::restoreXml ( const Element el)

Restore this Symbol from an XML stream.

elis the root XML tag of the symbol

Reimplemented from Symbol.

References buildNameType(), Scope::getArch(), Symbol::name, refaddr, Address::restoreXml(), and Symbol::scope.

◆ saveXml()

void ExternRefSymbol::saveXml ( ostream &  s) const

Save this Symbol to an XML stream.

sis the output stream

Reimplemented from Symbol.

References Symbol::name, refaddr, and Address::saveXml().

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