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AssemblyEmit Class Referenceabstract

Abstract class for emitting disassembly to an application. More...

#include <translate.hh>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~AssemblyEmit (void)
 Virtual destructor.
virtual void dump (const Address &addr, const string &mnem, const string &body)=0
 The main disassembly emitting method. More...

Detailed Description

Abstract class for emitting disassembly to an application.

Translation engines pass back the disassembly character data for decoded machine instructions to an application using this class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ dump()

virtual void AssemblyEmit::dump ( const Address addr,
const string &  mnem,
const string &  body 
pure virtual

The main disassembly emitting method.

The disassembly strings for a single machine instruction are passed back to an application through this method. Particular applications can tailor the use of the disassembly by overriding this method.

addris the Address of the machine instruction
mnemis the decoded instruction mnemonic
bodyis the decode body (or operands) of the instruction

Referenced by Sleigh::printAssembly().

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